mardi 4 octobre 2016


Le Terroir. From 7:30pm

Y11,000 PER GUEST (incl. tax)

Guide RVF 2017: Winemaker of the year in Languedoc-Roussillon

Olivier Pithon has been involved with wine from a very early age. His Grandfather was a vine grower in Anjou and when Olivier was four, his big brother, the famed Jo Pithon, settled on the hillsides of Layon. After learning his craft in Bordeaux where he was taught "the sensitivity to how wines can become pleasure, balance and lightness", Olivier settled down in the village of Calce, where he met with Gerard Gauby. The success of this “foreigner” in Roussillon has become the symbol of this area as the wine new frontier.

With some other winemakers Olivier has shown us the greatness of whites from Roussillon. His top cuvee, la D18, sharp and profound, has become a legend in France. His new cuvee, simply called Macabeu, could be the best example of the unsuspected complexity that this grape can deliver. Olivier's wines are inspired. They achieve a balance between character and nature that has to be the envy of all wine makers. His goal is to make the wine as good as possible by getting as much out of the soil as he can, whilst respecting the environment and considering the problem of leaving to generations to come healthy soil.

The wine line-up is exceptional: We will taste all of Olivier’s top cuvees: D18, Macabeu and Pilou!!

Olivier is passionate about wine and food. Please join us to share his enthusiasm and his great wines.

As always a welcome drink will be served and an original full course dinner prepared by our chef TOMIYAMA-SAN will complement the wines.


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